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Red Meat

The first Proof of Concept (PoC1) for AgTrace Australia addressed the red meat industry, focusing on a hypothetical land management credential required to export meat into the European Union. 

This hypothetical scenario tested the following key aspects:

  • It explored the use of location as a ‘trust anchor’ requiring the integration of property boundaries with business identifiers.
  • The credential can be subjected to uncontrolled third-party scrutiny, with the view of monitoring compliance and/or facilitating an audit.
  • The credential can conceivably be considered ‘live’ and can be revoked at any time during a product’s journey to the consumer.

To effectively address the development of this credential, consideration was given to:

  • Identifying land that has been cleared
  • Tracing livestock/meat from production though to market.

This approach will be the basis for the two remaining PoCs taking in horticulture and grains in 2024.

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