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Australian Agricultural Traceability Protocol (AATP)

AgTrace Australia’s red meat proof of concept developed The Australian Agricultural Traceability Protocol (AATP).

By digitising industry mechanisms, the AATP is designed to simplify existing processes to enable a ‘tell us once’ approach.

This adaptable and re-usable mechanism can stay abreast of ESG requirements for export markets. Importantly, it’s also scalable, cost-effective, transparent, readily accessible, and permission based.

The blueprint for the AATP is based on an open-source, internationally recognised framework, the UN Transparency Protocol. 

The partners demonstrated a hypothetical decentralised platform that allows farmers to upload their data and credentials, even when they’re offline.

This reinforces robust mechanisms that support efficient and transparent traceability for markets and consumers to identify key attributes like the producer and the origin of the product.

Food Agility CEO, Dr Mick Schaefer, said work would continue with DAFF and strategic partners to deliver a beta product in 2024.

“Effectively, consumers anywhere in the world will be able to scan a barcode, at home or at the point of sale, to see the environmental attributes associated with a specific cut of meat,” said Dr Schaefer.

Download a one-page summary of the AATP here.


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